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Scottsdale Taxi

The 10 reasons why you should use Scottsdale Cab Company
    Category     Scottsdale Cab Company     Uber    
    Driver Experience     Average = 12 years     Average = 12 weeks    
    Driver Safety     All of our drivers are drug tested.     NO DRUG TESTS.    
    Insurance     All of our vehicles are commercially insured.     NO commercial insurance.    
    Hiring Practices     We meet and interview EACH and EVERY driver     Uber never meets any of it's drivers in person.    
    WIFI HOTSPOTS     You'll find a WIFI Hotspot in every car.     NO WIFI HOTSPOTS.    
    Customer Service     Call us anytime. Day or Night. 24 hours a day.     Email only.    
    Vehicles     Our taxis are large luxury cars and SUVS.     Anything less than 10 years old with 4 doors.    
    Google Rating     5 Stars     2 Stars    
    Yelp Rating     5 Stars     3 Stars    
    Fares     Our fares are regulated by the State of Arizona.     Uber's "surge pricing" can cost up to 800% more than a taxi.    


Unlike most Uber drivers, Scottsdale Cab Company's drivers are widely regarded as the best in the business. Scottsdale Cab Company's drivers are chosen for their professionalism and attitude.

For every 20 drivers who apply to work with us, only 1 gets through Scottsdale Cab Company's recruitment process. Uber, on the other hand, will allow almost anyone (with a clean driving and criminal record) to drive for them.

Our drivers are the face of Scottsdale Cab Company and we are very proud of the work they do in keeping our business moving. We invest heavily in recruiting only the best and once they've joined us, we work just as hard to keep them happy to be a driver for Scottsdale Cab Company.

All of our drivers are:

  • Fully licensed by the relevant authorities to undertake For Hire reservations
  • Comprehensively insured by as required by Arizona law.
  • Comprehensively criminal background checked as required by Arizona law.
  • DDC (Defensive Driving Course) certified by the National Safety Council
  • Tested for their fluency in English
  • Professionally dressed
  • Have an excellent understanding of and adherence to highest customer service standards
  • Are 25 years old or older
  • Are confident reading and navigating by use of traditional maps as well as electronic technology
  • Are able to communicate clearly and concisely to all customers in English
  • Have an extensive knowledge of the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area including main routes between areas, all airports and popular tourist destinations
  • High caliber individuals that's why we call them by their names, not just a number ...and trained to drive in the safest and most environmentally friendly manner possible.